Why Beauty Is Booming

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Another night out? Another round of selfies? But hang on – was I wearing the same top last week?

With fashion sales not exactly flying at the moment, it seems a cruel truth that we’re taking more photos than ever before. And the fashionistas amongst us need to know that they’re tweaking their look in each pic – yet without the cost of a new wardrobe.

And that, dear reader, is what we call the Lipstick Effect. Where low-cost items (costume jewellery and cosmetics) see a huge uplift in sales, so we can all feel a little better, and look a bit different in the endless Instagram posts.

Of course, once you come to know and trust a beauty brand, you don’t need to physically check the quality in shop. You know it’s not too sticky. You know it looks fab in your handbag.

And there we have yet another example of where online shopping is winning over the high street. Material may need to be felt, and heel height tested. But eye shadow or contouring brushes – no, they’re good-to-go.

So where there is a growth in sales, there is a growth in recruitment. And it’s most definitely the case that the world of cosmetics is where it’s at for those pondering a move out of the (oft-gloomy) fashion companies.

Historically, beauty might not have been able to stand tall next to jersey or denim departments in terms of pace, or speed-to-market. But things have changed hugely.

We now see lightening speeds. And seasonality. And trading. And of course, a happier and more positive working environment when looking at impressive sales figures weekly. What’s not to like?

AQUAretail are currently working with an exciting “fast beauty” company based in London, and are looking for merchandising talent at Merchandiser and AM level – get in touch to hear more….. mary@aquaretail.co.uk

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