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Why Beauty Is Booming

Another night out? Another round of selfies? But hang on – was I wearing the same top last week? With fashion sales not exactly flying at the moment, it seems a cruel truth that we’re taking more photos than ever before. And the fashionistas amongst us need to know that they’re tweaking their look in

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A Day In The Life…

AQUAretail talks to Amy Turland, Ladieswear Senior Merchandiser at House of Fraser. What time does your day begin? 5.30am on a Monday as I like to be fully prepared for our Monday Trade meeting and – depending on performance – it could be a little or a lot of preparation, with some ad hoc analysis

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The Birth of W-Commerce

The choppy waters of retailing over recent years have seen the birth of some really exciting innovations – necessity is the mother of invention and all that. We’ve seen that as retailers’ needs have grown, so technology has moved on apace and given rise to the likes of Ecommerce, MCommerce…  And now WCommerce. The nation’s

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