Congratulations! Your education years are over! But now midnight strikes – it’s career time…Trying to work out where to start is a massive minefield and you know that taking that first step into merchandising is hugely competitive. At AQUAgrad we are dedicated to helping pave the way for you – we know it’s a giant leap, and are there to support you as you take it.

We like to make the process as informal and enjoyable as possible. We’ll meet with you and give you lots of great tips on how to get a head start as an Allocator or MAA. We’ll help get your CV looking absolutely perfect so that the interviews start flooding in. We’ll also talk you through how to communicate in those interviews, how to prepare to guarantee success – even what to wear!

Over the years we’ve launched hundreds of merchandising careers and always feel a real sense of pride when we see Allocators get promoted and start to climb up the ranks. Identifying tomorrow’s superstars and building those relationship foundations is something we love – working some magic to make your fairy tale dreams a reality* (*frog prince not supplied).