Moving Abroad – what value does it add to your CV?

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Picture this… you’re an Assistant Merchandiser ready for the next level, whether it be a junior merchandiser title in an equivalent business or a merchandiser title in a smaller structure. A brand based in Germany have approached you to work with them, you’ve got no ties to the UK but are debating whether a move will add value to your ‘blue chip heavy’ CV or in fact, do the opposite. AQUAretail discusses what an international move might mean for candidates when it comes to competing for their first ‘head of’ title later down the line…

– Variety
Of course you can work for different sized businesses in the UK and hone your entrepreneurial streak but a move abroad really does indicate to a business that you are willing to go the extra mile (like what we did there?) It gives you the opportunity to work in a business that has a different structure and systems and adds variety to your CV.

– Entrepreneurial Skillset
Whilst a smaller UK business gives you the chance to implement new processes, often international brands seek out UK talent because of the excellent training UK brands give their merchandising folk. Consequently, you will be looked to as an ‘expert’ and it will give you the chance to really develop your leadership skills and your entrepreneurial side… And it’s always good to be able to add this kind of stuff onto your CV.

– Promotion Prospect
An international move often means a promotion. An AM in a UK structure often translates to a merchandiser in an international business. Hello quick progression and bigger pay cheque! Not to mention upon returning to the UK, looking for a job title equivalent. This might mean that you’ll feel ready for the Head of Merch much quicker than your peers who you started your career at the same time as.

– Building Relationships
Try managing a difficult allocator who doesn’t speak great English! A move into an international brand will allow you to develop your communication skillset. You will return back to the UK with the patience of a Saint and the ability to chat to anybody! Always handy when you reach the top and manage a big team of people.

– Stepping outside of your comfort zone
Something that not many of us like to do but once we have done it, are happy to do so more often. Yes, you might be comfortable with your group of friends you’ve made at work and your lifestyle in London but is comfortable really how you like to describe yourself? Think about the best head of merch you’ve worked under – would you describe them as a creature of comfort? No? We didn’t think so. If you want to get the top, effort and stepping outside of your comfort zone is required.

– New Life
The perks for your CV is one thing; the lifestyle is truly something completely different. Waking up to a picturesque little street in Amsterdam and riding a bicycle to work surely outweighs the tube any Monday morning?

So whilst we don’t think a move abroad is ‘ESSENTIAL’ to achieve the ultimate CV, it certainly does have its benefits.

When it comes to you; a candidate who has a CV that varies in terms of business size, brand, and not to mention a handful of seriously meaty key achievements versus a candidate who has never strayed away from a blue chip structure, it is almost a certainty that the variety CV will win the Head of Merchandising role.

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